Andy Green Denied Jackpot Of £ 1.7million

Andy Green Denied Jackpot Of £ 1.7million

We highly appreciate telling you every week about these big winners who are winning amazing life changing jackpots every day.

Very often, we offer you to live beautiful experiences which remain in short logical when one gains a significant gain of the kind… but today we will rather tell you a story around an illusory victory for a person of the name of Andy Green who landed a £ 1.7million blackjack jackpot on Betfred… well he believed.

If you read our articles on a daily basis, you will know that many players regularly manage to make a fortune at the casino. Whether it’s playing slots, playing a game at an online casino, or winning a card game jackpot, our portal is full of big winner stories. But it also sometimes happens, with rare exceptions, that the casino outright refuses to pay the winnings. And this is precisely what has just happened to the player whose story we are going to discover together this week.

Andy Green and his blackjack jackpot

51-year-old Andy Green sometimes has fun at the online casino available through the Betfred Virtual Room mobile app. While playing, during a very mundane gaming session, he decides to bet £ 2.50 per spin on Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot Machine. In his tracks, he ignites and decides to gradually increase his bets. No less than six hours later, he will then reach bets of £ 375 per hand on a game of blackjack offered by the platform.

And we must admit that we often explain to you within the editorial staff of that sometimes it is necessary to take risks to win big. All games of chance take this series law into account, which means that the more money you bet, the more chances you have of winning big! And it is therefore quite naturally this increase in stakes that seems to have been particularly successful for him that day. During a game, he will indeed manage to win a jackpot of 1.7 million pounds!

A short-lived joy

We do not really know what phases of excitement and surprise this winner went through, but we do know that once he was calmed down, however remaining overjoyed, he then called Betfred who simply confirmed his decision to him. gain. The man escapes from his home to celebrate this great victory with friends. Great lord and certain to have already in his pocket nearly £ 2 million, he will spend during this evening around £ 2,500.

But the hangover will kick in just four days later. The virtual room Betfred then indeed contacts Andy to announce him a news which he certainly should not have expected. The casino reveals to him that there was a technical problem on his platform and on this game and that the jackpot will in fact not be paid to him. On the other hand, Betfred offers him to reimburse his £ 2,500 spent during this evening. The casino will go further by also offering him £ 60,000 and asking him not to divulge this affair… Which does not seem to have really worked since we are talking about it today…

A story that heads for legal action

The virtual room therefore refuses to pay him on the pretext of a technical problem and the player, still in shock, refuses this bribe. He therefore warns the Betfredcompany and all the press, that he will take legal action while the platform, for its part, continues to declare that the game has suffered from a software malfunction and that the jackpot has therefore not been earned. A case to follow which may make the front page of a future article on our blog in the coming months.

But the important thing to remember here is that he was right to increase his betting range, as he was able to land a potential jackpot of £ 1,722,923.54! Moreover, Andy Green admitted that he cried with joy when he saw what he had won at the time of his session. If you also want to play on much more reliable online casino platforms, we strongly recommend that you turn to online casinos like the ones we present to you every day on our portal. You will never be disappointed by gaming sites like the famous or even betFIRST; whether you are trying out slots or card games like poker or blackjack.

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